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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hey Everyone! Welcome to feliciasilver.blogspot.com! I'm Felicia. A twenty-something CPA from Maryland with a unquenchable thirst for creativity. I especially love interior decorating but YouTube has turned me into a newbie makeup junkie as well. I want to explore and share my interests with you on this new blog and hopefully connect with those of you who have the same loves as I do. 

Today I'm sharing my living room in the apartment my husband and I moved into this past spring. We were especially excited to move in because of the upgrade in square footage from our previous apartment. The living room quickly became my first decorating project as I scoured Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration for the perfect look.

The color scheme I was going for was a neutral base with pops of color. I mainly used pinks, blues and gold for the *pop.*

A great way I made use of the space behind my couch was to place a desk behind it. Its great for when I need to work on something on the computer but be able to look out the window and get some natural sunlight or watch TV. I added a vanity mirror to provide a dual purpose.

I have a serious addiction to gold lately. Though my favorite color is pink, gold has become a very close second. I love how metallic gold really adds a glamorous addition to any living space.

The small display above my living room was my first attempt at a gallery wall. Gallery walls can seem really expensive but I was able to create the entire look for under $100 with a few trips to the Target dollar section and some coupons for Hobby Lobby.

 I love pictures with sayings such as this one that create a mood in the home. I wanted our home to feel like a place filled with love and happiness.

So thats it guys! I hope you enjoyed seeing how I decided to decorate and maybe have some inspiration for your own home. 

Until next time.

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