Decorating with Flowers

Sunday, September 13, 2015

So it appears summer is coming to an end (unfortunately) but I still can't help but appreciate bright colors in my home all year round.  I try to retain the spring and summer vibe by adding flowers throughout my home as part of my decor. I find that flowers are one of the easiest ways to add some color into any room since you can change them easily to reflect whatever style you want to achieve throughout the year. I actually found this service called, BloomNation, which happens to be an online marketplace for flower delivery.  I particularly like how using the service gives back to small businesses since the service caters to local and independent florists. 

Here is my take on the bar cart trend. I added a beautiful bold pink tray with gold accents  to my kitchen counter and added some colorful wine classes. Since the wine glasses and the tray were already colorful, I offset the mix of colors with white flowers in a gold vase that matched the accents on the tray and rim of the wine glasses.

Another place to add some flowers is on your bookshelf. Bookshelf styling is a huge trend on Pinterest. I personally don't have a bookshelf but my bed has a built in shelf where I added a few of my favorite books and some neutral accents. I highlighted the color of the book covers and accents by decorating with pale pink flowers.

I love finding classy ways to showcase the functional items we all use in our home. A great example is the endless supply of remote controllers we all seem to collect. I found this really stylish white tray with gold interior to house my remotes. I added a large pink peony to one of the abstract compartments on the tray to add a bold pop of color. This is my favorite way to decorate with flowers. I have a soft spot for pink flowers and they work perfectly to add a pop of color to neutral spaces. 

Until next time. 

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